S.B.G. Girls

What is a “S.B.G Girl”??? Well simply put a S.B.G. Girl is a women who has offered to volunteer their time to help support Southern Biker Gear at their charity Bike Nights.

Have a event and want the shop to set up a both? Ask about our S.B.G. Girls coming with!


History of the “Girls” for their point of view:

What is a Southern Biker Gear Girl? 
We are a group of exceptional women that come from all different walks of life. Some of us have been friends for years, some of us barely know each other but that doesn’t matter. We have all come to be a weird, dysfunctional, insane, amazing, supportive family. We originally came together for a common cause but it’s all become so much more than that. The bond between the SBG Girls is one that cannot be explained in a few paragraphs but I will try. 
When the SBG Girls was founded in 2014, none of us had any idea what we were getting into. We were asked to wear a bikini and get ready to wash some bikes. So we got all dolled up and took a crash course on how to make a motorcycle sparkle. Some girls held signs, others sold raffle tickets. Everyone had a job and made sure to do it very well. That first night we all realized that with communication and teamwork, we can host an amazing event and have a blast doing it. 
Each month, Southern Biker Gear chooses a charity to support and we theme our Bike Nights to go with it. We always have live music, games, food and raffles going on so naturally there is always a job to be done. Our Girls are the ones who dress to match the theme and make all our activities run smoothly. We have been known to wear anything from bright pink tutu’s to jester costumes because we like to make the night fun. 
Every one of us is unique and quirky in our own way but it’s our differences that make this group so remarkable. We will not stand for bullying or anyone trying to make another girl feel bad about herself. As a group of humble women, we refuse to do anything less than build up one another’s confidence. No matter what the problem, as an SBG Girl you will always have someone to turn to. 
Whether it’s for Bike Night, behind the scenes, or just a random Tuesday, the SBG Girls are always there for each other. We are mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, students, and workers coming together to raise money and awareness for things that matter while having a great time.

~S.B.G Girl Abstract Sam




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